ZTE 5G Flexhaul : Leading 5G Transport Innovations

Network Requirements:

The era of 5G is striding towards us. The transport network is facing brand-new opportunities and challenges. Compared with conventional mobile communications systems, the 5G raises lots of innovative and even tougher requirements for the transport network. Being the base of the 5G network, the transport network should fully meet the demands, including big bandwidth, differentiated latency, ultra-high-precision time synchronization, network slicing and open coordination capabilities.  

5G Flexhaul Solution Innovation Highlights:

● Low latency:

The latency will be reduced by over 20 times.

● High reliability:

The protection switchover will be 50 times faster than the traditional solution.

● Highly accurate sync:

The synchronization accuracy can be improved by over 10 times.

ZTE 5G Flexhaul is dedicated to providing an industry leading end-to-end transport network solution based on innovations. After the validation with several top operators, 5G Flexhaul solution is ready for 5G commercialization and will unleash its creativity to embrace the challenges of the new era together with our customers.