Ultra Large-capacity PON OLT Based on TITAN Platform Which Oriented to Access Office Re-architecture

ZXA10 C680— The ultra large-capacity optical access equipment based on the TITAN platform. It meets the full-scenario access needs of ultra-high bandwidth, big video, network re-architecture and FMC, and provides the integration of transmission and access, as well as carrier-class QoS and security.


1.State-of-art architecture meets the next 10 years requirements

Control and forwarding planes separate, four planes load sharing.

Network Processor (NP) +Crossbar switch fabric architecture. Multi-level and multi-platform switching architecture with easy expansion.

Cell-based multipath switching supports load sharing. Low latency and strong switching capacity.

Fully distributed programmable service architecture and protection of service resource.

Support NSR and ISSU with high system reliability.

2.The strongest capacity meets multiple access services

Total switching capacity

28.8 T, 4 times the industry’s current highest level

Slot capacity

0.4 T (unidirection), 2 times the industry’s current highest level

PON ports

144 TWDM-PON (10G PON stacking), 4 times the industry’s current highest level

576 10G PON

144 100G PON (25G PON stacking), 2 times the industry’s current highest level for 100G PON

◇ The world’s first symmetric 100G PON

Fully compatible with GPON, 10G PON and meet the 100G/25G PON commercial deployment.

Support multiple new services access

Support new service non-blocking access, such as VR/5G backhaul and so on.

3.SDN ready, network re-architecture oriented

● Support SDN/VXLAN access to SDN controller easily, migrate to SDN smoothly

The network centered on data center supports fast adaptability to service.

Support slicing and virtualization.

Smooth network migration: Legacy OLT connects to TITAN as logical slice.

4.Meet all-covered scenarios on the unified platform with ultra-high bandwidth

● 12 in 1 access mode

5000+ 10G access bandwidth

● 3 generation PON(PON/ 10G PON/ 100G PON), 3 technology directions(EPON/ GPON/ P2P)

5.OAN+OTN, world’s first convergence

● 25% footprint reduced

30% power consumption reduced

50% capex reduced


◇ Large uplink capacity with low latency.

Flatten the network with less equipment.

IP + optical, less investment.

6.Combo PON, Industry's first two PONs in one board

60% site space saved

50% line card type reduced

26% total cost saved

No 1.5dB extra optical power loss

3-in-1 feature

◇ The WDM1r is built in the optical module, no affection on the existing GPON services.

GPON and XG-PON ONUs can be deployed on demand according to the services development.

7.Four levels of QoS, precise control service and user

4 QoS (US) ensures isolation and fairness within ISP and between ISPs, 4 QoS (DS) ensures isolation and fairness between multiple services and users.

Full distributed credit scheduling mechanism implements high efficiency, precise service scheduling and distributed buffer of congestion traffic.

Provide CIR when network is congestion and PIR when network is idle.