Innovative 5G-oriented Ultra Broadband Radio (UBR) Product Family

Following the launch in 2015 of the industry's first UBR RRU which supports dual bands in a single unit, ZTE again released the 4T and 8T innovative UBR products. The RRUs support 4x4 MIMO or 8x8 MIMO in dual bands simultaneously, becoming new members of the UBR product family. Henceforth, ZTE’s UBR product family can support a variety of transmitter/receiver diversity modes, such as 2T2R, 2T4R, 4T4R and 8T8R.

The UBR solution adopts advanced algorithms to realize universal data processing of different frequencies, genuinely being a two-in-one solution. It replaces two RRUs with one module, compared to a traditional network solution which typically requires at least two RRUs per sector. The number of required RRUs and feeders is reduced by half, which cuts the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by half as well.

The UBR products not only support dual-band multi-mode networking and flexible power configuration across two frequency bands, but also can smoothly evolve to support 5G NR via software upgrade. The FDD 4T UBR product supports cell data throughput of 1Gbps+ in a single unit and the TDD 8T UBR products are capable of supporting 4G single mode or 4G&5G dual-mode. 5G is considered in advance when the 4G network is deployed.

The 2T UBR products have seen massive deployment in international markets since its debut in 2015. The 4T and 8T UBR products were released during the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, which further expanded the UBR product family, and could satisfy more applicable scenarios, greatly improving the network performance.