Network Requirements:

Now wireless networks are evolving toward 5G. There are new requirements for OTN network in typical 5G scenarios (uRLLC, eMBB and mMTC).

√ End-to-end huge bandwidth requirement: New services are emerging such as 4K high-definition video, VR and so on. User bandwidth experience will increase to 1Gbps level. OTN network bandwidth must reach 10Tbps level to suit multiple scenarios and be able to smoothly upgrade to future networks.

√ Elastic and efficient network: Network slicing is a major solution in 5G era to meet various performance requirements. OTN platform must provide multiple switch granularities and elastic bandwidth. The provisioning of new services should also be very fast to satisfy the intelligent network demands.

√ Green Network: For a universal platform with multiple functions, the power consumption and integration should be considered to reduce TCO.

E-OTN Solution Highlights:

● End-to-end:

E-OTN solution provides a series of networking solutions for different network scenarios, such as CDCF ROADM, SD-FEC and Adaptive Bitrate, which can build up an end-to-end beyond 100G network and make it smoothly upgrade to the future networks.

● Elastic:

ZTE provides an universal switch platform with ODUk/packet/VC granularity with 100M-100G strong access ability. POTN platform can improve bandwidth utilization and simplify network architecture. Under the control of SDN, service grooming is more flexible and service provisioning is faster.

● Enhanced:

ZTE OTN products adopt advanced mechanical and electrical management together with in-house components to save power consumption and footprint. In network O&M, multiple performance thresholds can be monitored to trigger protection switching or other remedial actions.