ZTE 10-inch Android tablet headed for UK

Chinese tech firm, ZTE have announced that their new 10-inch tablet will be hitting the UK in the second half of 2011.

Currently going under the name of “Light”, the tablet will support Google’s Android 3.0 operating system, otherwise known as Honeycomb, an OS specifically designed for the tablet market.

The device will feature a 10-inch display with 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and a 1.2GHz processor chip. This is a tuned up version of the device unveiled at MWC last month, whose chip clocked in at only 1GHz.

We have reason to believe that Light is merely a codename and that ZTE will unveil another name prior to release. The reason for this is ZTE already have a tablet product on the market under the name “Light”, a 7-inch tablet currently unavailable in the UK.

ZTE’s foray onto the UK tablet scene comes in an ambitious year for the company; currently placed at an impressive number 5 on the worldwide smartphone and tablet supplier chart, the company are aiming to jump two places by the end of this year.

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