ZTE showcases 10Tbit/s optical fibre data transmission

China's telecommunications equipment provider, ZTE Corp. presented the results of a test transmission at the recent OFC/NFOEC 2011 conference in Los Angeles showcasing the achievement of a single-channel data transmission of 10Tbit/s over 640km of optical fibre.

According to the company, this rate is equivalent to transmitting 160 high-definition movies per second. The experiment used ZTE's patented "carrier generation technology" to generate 112 coherent and frequency-locked optical sub-carrier signals, with each sub-carrier bearing 100Gbit/s optical signals, and successfully achieved optical signals with a single-channel rate of 11.2Tbit/s, a payload line rate of 10Tbit/s plus overheads such as FEC.

Optical communications companies are beginning to use 100Gbit/s transmission but also seeking candidate technologies at higher bit rates of 400Gbit/s, 1Tbit/s and beyond. With rapid growth in demand for higher bandwidth, single-channel 10Tbit/s will be the transmission rate for future telecommunication networks.

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