ZTE to make Android tablets in Brazil

Showing how seriously the company is taking its ambition to become a world leader in the production of mobile devices, China’s ZTE has now announced that it is going to start production of its Android base tablets in Brazil. The deal was sealed after the Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff, made her an official visit to China back in April and visited ZTE’s R&D facility in ithe city of Xian. ZTE plans to invest a total of $ 250 million in its operations in Brazil. The company expects to employ some 2,500 people in the country by 2014. ZTE will start producing tablets in Brazil in August, the company’s Chairman, Hou Weigui, announced yesterday [June 27th]. “We have made partnerships with local factories for the local production of tablets in August,” Hou Weigui said during a meeting with the Brazilian President.

He added that the production of tablets is currently in its test phase in Brazil. ZTE first started operating in Brazil back in 2001and the intention is to not only produce tablets but mobile phones, too.

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