ZTE to launches high speed data card

ZTE, a global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, on Thursday announced that it is to launch the new generation MF 190 data card (dongle) by end of this August. The MF 190 data card can establish an internet connection within 15 seconds without the need to install software or manage the connection.


The MF 190 is simply inserted into a USB port and, using ZTE’s innovative CWID (continuous packet connectivity) technology, quickly establishes an internet connection without using any of the mobile device’s hardware or software resources, providing users with fast and simple mobile broadband access


In addition, with the MF 190’s Web UI, users can manage the device as well as online services such as messaging and contact lists. Operators can customise the UI to enable online upgrading and promotions.


Another highlight of the data card is the driver-free technology developed by ZTE. It automatically works with all major operating systems, avoiding the operating system compatibility problems of typical data card connection management software programmes.

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