ZTE to produce digital TV signal reception equipment in Romania

Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer ZTE plans to open a production line for digital terrestrial TV signal reception in Romania, according to the Romanian Ministry of Communications. The Romanian Minister of Communications, Valerian Vreme, met Wednesday with ZTE’s vice president for Central and Eastern Europe, Chang Xiao Wei.

“ZTE representatives have expressed interest to expand investments in Romania, in the information and communications technology segment, adding that the company wants to open a production line for digital terrestrial TV signal reception equipment in our country”, according to the Ministry of Communications.

Around two weeks ago, the Chinese company announced that is in discussions to open a training center in Romania, followed by a production line for telecom equipment. The training center would require initial investments of EUR 2.7 million, which would eventually reach EUR 55 million. Discussions between ZTE and the communication ministry in Romania started in January this year and the project could be initiated in November or December the latest. The training center would initially cater to 200 students in Bucharest, then it would be expanded to other university centers in Romania.

ZTE Corporation is a publicly-listed global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions operating in more than 140 countries. It has been active in Romania since 2003.

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