China's ZTE To Build Ten International Innovation Centers

­China's ZTE has announced plans to create 10 international innovation centers in Europe and South America. The company also announced that it plans to establish additional innovation centers in China.The 10 international innovation centers will be established through cooperation with mainstream telecoms operators in those respective countries."Because of the transformative shift in the industry, providers like ZTE must deeply understand and become involved in the business operations and demands of customers seamlessly and at a faster pace," said ZTE Executive Vice President Xie Daxiong. "The innovation centers under development by ZTE and its partners are a collective, proactive response to this change."The new innovation centers are not ZTE's first efforts in collaborative research. In early July, ZTE signed a memorandum of understanding with Technical University Dresden with the purpose of opening a research and development center in Germany. In China, ZTE has established collaborative research institutes with four research institutes and 19 universities including Peking University and Tsinghua University.Read More