ZTE Windows Phone 8 handsets and tablet teased


ZTE’s director of mobile phone market strategy, Dennis Lui, has shared a few interesting pictures of the company’s forthcoming Microsoft-powered catalogue via social networking.Lui’s photos are deliberately partially obscured, so it’s difficult to discern exactly what we’re seeing with any certainty, but, it does appear we have a picture of the ZTE Tania Windows Phone 7 handset, updated to version 7.8 and complete with the resized smaller Live Tiles. Version 7.8 will introduce a limited set of Windows Phone 8 to existing Windows Phone 7 handsets.

Alongside the apparent Tania there are two phones which, judging by the fact they’re largely blurred out, are likely brand new Windows Phone 8 models. Both appear to be a bit less curvy and a little larger than the Tania.


A second picture shows a stack of ZTE branded handsets in a variety of eye-catching colours. It’s not clear whether these are Windows Phone based or not, although the colourful nature would suggest as much, \