ZTE First Completes High-Precision Clock Test of China Mobile

14 December 2017, Shenzhen, China – ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, first completed the test among all vendors in China Mobile Research Institute’s 5G network high-precision clock & time synchronization test.

With innovative technologies, the ZXCTN 609 in ZTE 5G Flexhaul product family achieves inband ultra-high-precision timestamp printing, removing the interference of uncertain link delay and other factors.

It supports 1588 time synchronization under the 100G FlexE interface, and the single-point time synchronization performance reaches 5ns or less. This is another milestone for ZTE in the area of high-precision clock after working with the National Time Service Center to achieve the timing accuracy within +/-10ns based on shared time source.

For example, indoor positioning requires positioning the time between base station air interfaces in less than 10ns.The China Mobile Research Institute tests and verifies external synchronous interface and customer-side synchronous interface indexes of transport devices, whether a FlexE interface supports time & frequency synchronization and single system time output performance and whether protection switching time signal can normally switch back, and other projects. ZTE is consistent with China Mobile in 5G high precision 1588 time transfer and is a major contributor to 5G global clock time technology and related standards research initiatives

A 5G network has high requirements for clock accuracy. 5G inter-site CA and JT technologies require less than 260ns synchronous time difference between base stations, that is, ±130ns network synchronization. 5G short frame structure requires air interface ±390ns time synchronization accuracy. The Internet of Things puts forward higher requirements for the clock precision.

In February 2017, ZTE unveiled the 5G Flexhaul solution at Barcelona. With innovative FlexE Tunnel key technology and excellent test indexes, the solution was highly praised by GlobalData, a industry’s leading market research firm, saying “the ZTE 5G Flexhaul solution provides 5G with fronthaul/midhaul/backhaul integrated transport and flexible on-demand deployment capabilities."

The new ZXCTN 609 was released during the MWC (Shanghai) exhibition in June. It won high recognition from the GlobalData for its innovative network slicing and 100G connectivity, saying "the new product further strengthens ZTE's position in the emerging 5G infrastructure market."

During the Beijing International ICT Summit 2017, ZTE released the heavyweight 5G Flexhaul transport flagship product ZXCTN 6700 again, which supports the single-slot T-level service access and has the largest capacity in the industry. The ZXCTN 6700 enriches the 5G Flexhaul product family, making ZTE the industry's first vendor to provide the comprehensive 5G end-to-end transport solution.

In September, ZTE successfully passed the first phase of 5G transport SPN prototype lab tests of China Mobile with excellent indexes, marking the leadership of the ZTE 5G Flexhaul transport solution.

ZTE will continue to lead 5G transport technology innovations. ZTE has been exploring and cooperating with global 5G carriers in 5G transport field and will constantly promote pilot trials and commercialization of 5G transport solutions.