ZTE Wins GTI Innovative Mobile Service and Application Award 2017


24 February 2018, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet wins the Innovative Mobile Service and Application Award 2017 at Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) Award Ceremony held in Barcelona.

This award is in recognition of ZTE’s innovation in the QCell+MEC indoor coverage and high-precision positioning solution as well as its outstanding contributions to the TD-LTE industry.

As an influential organization in the TDD and 5G industry, GTI is committed to building a global industrial platform for TDD and 5G as well as a prosperous ecological chain.

ZTE’s QCell+MEC solution supports multiple systems and multi-carrier signals. Multiband signals within the entire indoor band can be connected.

With a small size that facilitates fast installation and deployment, as well as a capacity many times larger than that of a traditional DAS system, this solution solves the difficulties in feeder deployment and restricted capacity that are commonly encountered by the DAS system.

By deploying contents and applications at the network edge, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) can exploit the processing capacity of the edge network, decrease the time delay, and improve user experience.

High-precision indoor positioning is realized based on the field intensity fingerprint library algorithm and the big data analysis system. Therefore, this solution can help operators quickly construct low-cost but high-performance indoor deep-coverage networks, meeting the requirements of the operators and commercial malls for business innovation and operation innovation.

ZTE deployed the QCell+MEC solution in a shopping mall with a large visitor flow in Beijing, with the positioning precision in fully covered indoor space reaching 5m. A third-party big data platform was connected to tap potential customers.

ZTE also deployed a UDN ultra-dense network in Changsha University in a city in Hunan province, China and performed application tests. The tests showed that, in a scenario with a high user density and high capacity requirement, user experience in download and VOD can be improved through the buffering of high frequency video resources on the MEC server. The operator can improve user experience and gain more income from increased traffic by lowering the load of network pipes.

“GTI is the largest TD-LTE industry association,” said Dr. Han Gang, Vice President of ZTE TDD&5G Products, “we are very glad to win the Innovative Mobile Service and Application Award. It fully validates our technical innovation ability.  ZTE’s QCell+MEC solution adopts flexible and practical methods to address operators’ pain points in their networks, and it is highly recognized by the operators. In the future, ZTE will work together with GTI members to promote the development of TD-LTE&5G with innovations.”

Since 2011, GTI has been committed to developing and globally commercializing the TD-LTE end-to-end industry to promote the TDD/FDD convergence. In early 2016, GTI released GTI 2.0 at Mobile World Congress, continuously pushing forward the TD-LTE deployment, 4G-to-5G evolution, and the construction of the 5G ecosystem. ZTE is always a strong supporter of TD-LTE, and has made outstanding achievements in the TD-LTE standardization, development of terminals and chips, and global network deployments.

As a leading supplier of TD-LTE solutions, ZTE had built TD-LTE trial and commercial networks for 102 mobile operators in 54 countries by the end of 2017, serving customers in Japan, the United States, India, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Romania, Italy, and many other countries. ZTE will make continuous efforts to establish a solid R&D foundation and industrial structure for the development of the TDD market and industry, thereby promoting the evolution of the TDD technology in the 5G era.