Tech Opinions

2018 ALL
  • TITAN: A Flagship Optical Access Platform for the Next Decade

    Telecom operators worldwide are working on bandwidth promotion. New businesses and trends are continually springing up, and booming OTT services are greatly affecting telecom operation. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the competition is among different industries and that services and networks tend to be converged.

  • FDD Massive MIMO Leading 4G Innovation

    With the development of technology, a lot of services can be applied in smart phones, which brings us more colorful life. Especially, several 5G original services such as eMBB, which would require huge network capacity. High quality video (big video) will be realized soon, the exploration of mobile broadband access capacity significantly stimulates the demand for mobile Internet and boosts the growth in mobile data services, which in turn increases the demand for mobile network capacity. The requirement for through puts by big video is shown in the following table:

  • 5G Helps Cloud Native Evolution

    It is no doubt that mobile communication is accelerating its evolution to 5G, all Telecom Powers, mainstream communication operators and manufacturers are making early layouts and researches. How to find the best way to initiate 5G commercialization in its way to 5G?